Military Relocation Specialist

It would be an honor to serve as your Military Relocation Specialist. There are no words to express the gratitude that you deserve.

When you receive your PCS the clock starts. You need to move soon and sell your current house even sooner. As a Military Relocation Professional (MRP), I understand your unique situation and have the knowledge to make the most of every transaction, selling and
buying. My goal is to find a location and community quickly, so that you and your family can feel at home.

As an MRP, I understand:

  • Quick Relocations
  • VA Financing
  • Military Benefits
  • BAH Rates
  • VA Loan Limits

2nd Ranger Infantry Company

Richard Briscoe, Winston Jackson, Herculano Diaz, and Donald Allen

My dad (Winston Jackson the second one in this photo) is one of six Korean War veterans belonging to the 2nd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne).

These men made history.  They are true pioneers. They were the first all black Ranger unit in the U.S. Army and the first to parachute across enemy lines. To say there’s a special place in my heart for our armed forces is an understatement.  I’m thankful for all branches of the military that have bravely served our country.